Animal Tissue Direct PCR Kit-UNG

  • Animal Tissue Direct PCR kit-UNG

    Animal Tissue Direct PCR kit-UNG

    This kit uses a unique lysis buffer system to quickly release genomic DNA from animal tissue samples for PCR reactions, so it is particularly suitable for large-scale genetic testing.

    The process of releasing genomic DNA from the lysis buffer is completed within 10-30 minutes at 65°C. No other processes such as protein and RNA removal are required, and the released trace DNA can be used as template for PCR reaction.

    2×PCR EasyTM Mix (UNG) uses dUTP instead of dTTP on the basis of 2×PCR EasyTM Mix, and adds UNG enzyme (Uracil-N-glycosylase) that can degrade the template containing dUTP at the same time. Before the PCR reaction, the UNG enzyme is used to degrade the PCR product containing uracil. The UNG enzyme will not have any effect on the template that does not contain uracil, thereby ensuring the specificity and accuracy of amplification and preventing the possibility of PCR products contamination during large-scale genetic testing.

    D-Taq DNA polymerase is a DNA polymerase specially developed by Foregene for direct PCR reactions. D-Taq DNA polymerase has strong tolerance to a variety of PCR reaction inhibitors, and can efficiently amplify trace amounts of DNA in various complex reaction systems, and the amplification speed can reach 2Kb/min, which is especially suitable for Direct PCR reaction.