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  • Blood DNA Mini Kit

    Blood DNA Mini Kit

    Quickly purify high-quality genomic DNA from anticoagulated blood (<1ml).

    ◮ No RNase contamination: The DNA-Only Column provided by the kit makes it possible to remove the RNA from the genomic DNA without adding RNase during the experiment, preventing the laboratory from being contaminated by exogenous RNase.

     Fast speed: Foregene Protease has higher activity than similar proteases, and digests tissue samples quickly; the operation is simple, and the genomic DNA extraction operation can be completed within 20-80 minutes.

    ◮ Convenient: The centrifugation is performed at room temperature, and there is no need for 4°C low-temperature centrifugation or ethanol precipitation of DNA.

    ◮ Safety: No organic reagent extraction is required.

    ◮ High quality: The extracted genomic DNA has large fragments, no RNA, no RNase, and extremely low ion content, which can meet the requirements of various experiments.

    ◮ Micro-elution system: It can increase the concentration of genomic DNA, which is convenient for downstream detection or experiment.

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