ForeAmp,Everything is under control!


With Built-in WIFI, the PCR machine can be operated anytime and anywhere by pad or phone.



With Built-in WIFI, a computer or mobile phone can be connected through the network to realize one machine to control multiple PCR machines at the same time.



By using a mobile phone or desktop computer to operate the instrument, the PCR machine can be used anytime and anywhere.

ForeAmp series gradient PCR machine, with built-in WIFI and equipped with APP, a computer or mobile phone can be connected through the network to control multiple PCR machines at the same time, and the thermal cycler can be used at any time and any place (by using a mobile phone or desktop Computer). It provides a higher degree of convenience and freedom for the creation and sharing of PCR programs, as well as the reservation, start and stop, and monitoring of PCR operations.


Email alert function


Support sending e-mail reminders when the experiment program ends, which can realize seamless connection of a large number of samples.

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About Foregene

Founded in 2011, FOREGENE Co., Ltd. is a biotechnology enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, and customer service. Since establishment, it has been focusing on the development of molecular and cell biology related technologies, products and services, and is committed to The majority of users provide solutions for nucleic acid purification and nucleic acid detection.

FOREGENE’s biological product line includes three sections: biological reagents, instruments and consumables. The instrument series is named “Sui”, including ForeAmp gradient PCR machine, ForeQuant fluorescent quantitative PCR machine, ForePip electric pipettes, etc. Products have been widely used in basic research in life sciences, medicine, agriculture, pharmacy, environment and other fields. Customers are from universities, research institutes, hospitals and other organization all around the wold.

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