At the beginning of the epidemic, Foregene paid close attention to it, and organized scientific research immediately to invest in the R&D of new coronavirus nucleic acid detection kits. Based on years of accumulated technical precipitation and experience, the team used Direct PCR patent technology to quickly develop a new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) detection kit.

This kit does not need to extract nucleic acid from the sample, and can perform real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR detection after simple nucleic acid release processing, which simplifies the tedious sample pre-processing process, avoids the loss of nucleic acid of the sample, and obtains the test result within 1 hour, especially suitable for large-scale rapid testing needs.

With the global spread of the epidemic, as a member of China's IVD companies, Foregene also shoulders the important task of global anti-epidemic. The kit obtained the EU CE certification at the end of March. In mid-April,Foregene together with BIOWALKER PTE LTD, Singapore,passed the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) of Singapore (Health Sciences Authority, HSA) registration, which also means that Foregene can provide assistance to more overseas countries that need virus prevention materials.

In the future, Foregene will uphold a rigorous scientific attitude and continue to provide products and services with superior performance and reliable quality for the two major markets of scientific research and diagnosis.


Post time: Mar-18-2020