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Foregene Co., Ltd. is specialized in the molecular biology lab reagents and IVD kits production and services, which is integrated in R&D, production and marketing. Foregene has the world’s leading Direct PCR platform,double-column RNA Isolation platform,and DNA-only Silica Membrane platform. The main products include DNA/RNA isolation kits, PCR and Direct PCR reagents, Genotyping kits, various IVD kits(COVID-19 nucleic acid rRT-PCR, antigen, antibody detection kit, 15 respiratory system pathogenic bacteria detection kit),etc. The technology and product performance indicators used are all leading the world status, widely applied in hospitals, testing and research institutions, university labs, medical laboratories, etc.

Foregene is good at R&D and production, you are good at market development and local services. If you are interested in distributing Foregene’s kits and products, feel free to fill the form below:

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