Direct PCR

What is Direct PCR

Direct PCR is the method of DNA amplification directly from blood, animal tissue, rat tail,cell,rat ear, zebra fish, fish eggs, plant leaves, seeds or other original biological tissue sample without performing DNA isolation and purification steps. Direct PCR technique can greatly reduce experimental time, and cost in genotyping and high-quantity projects. It also provides a better option when faced with the challenges of amplifying a very small quantity of sample where the purification step could potentially lead to sample loss.

FOREGENE’s PCR Mix has strong stress resistance, because of FOREGENE strength patented Taq enzyme( authorized patent: ZL20161034512.0 (China), EP3450560 (Europe), PCT/CN2017/082154 (US), patent 6894926 (Japan)).  Its Taq enzyme uses DNA recombination technology to recombine the DNA binding structure region of the archaeal nucleic acid binding protein with the heat-resistant Taq DNA polymerase to construct a template DNA with increased affinity. An improved hot-start Taq that retains various functions of the original DNA polymerase.This Taq enzyme can bind to template DNA and initiate DNA synthesis in low concentration templates and complex environments.

For instance,it is as easy as adding your cell, plant (young leaf, root or seed) or animal sample to the buffer, and adding the unique master mix with specific primers in PCR tubes and running it through a thermal cycler. Kit efficiency is ideal for large-scale sample analysis where saving time is extremely important.

The PCR reaction system containing UNG enzyme and dUTP is selected according to the experimental requirements, which can effectively avoid the pollution caused by PCR amplification products.

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Advantages of Direct PCR



Direct PCR

Traditional method

(RNA purification+ Coventional PCR)

Material consumption

Tissue consumption



Template preparation

Material type

No grinding required

Grinding samples


One-tube type,10min

complicated operation, 1h




PCR reaction

 reaction system

Optimized 2×PCR mix

Dntp, MgCl2,10×PCR Buffer,Taq enzyme,


01 Identification of pathogenic microorganisms

02 Genetically modified identification, genotyping

03 Multiplex PCR / SNP detection / PCR-RFLP


Product Series--Cell Direct RT-qPCR series

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Product Name


Catalogue Number

Storage Conditions

Direct RT-qPCR Series

QuickEasyTM Cell Direct RT-qPCR Kit–SYBR Green I



Part I 4℃,Part II -20℃