Real Time PCR Easy Taqman

  • Real Time PCR Easyᵀᴹ-Taqman

    Real Time PCR Easyᵀᴹ-Taqman

    The 2X Real PCR EasyTM Mix-Taqman provided by the Real Time PCR EasyTM-Taqman kit is a new premix system that uses specific fluorescent probes for Real Time PCR amplification reactions, which can greatly improve product specificity and reaction sensitivity. ROX is provided as internal control dye.

    2X Real PCR EasyTM Mix-Taqman contains Foregene’s unique hot-start Taq DNA Polymerase. Compared with ordinary Taq enzymes, it has the advantages of high amplification efficiency, strong specific amplification ability and low mismatch rate. It can reduce non-specific amplification and improve the accuracy of PCR.