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  • Real Time PCR Easyᵀᴹ-Taqman

    Real Time PCR Easyᵀᴹ-Taqman

    ◮ Simple—2× PCR Mix to reduce experimental error and operation time

    ◮ Specific—optimized buffer and hot-start Taq enzyme can prevent non-specific amplification and primer dimer formation

    ◮ High sensitivity—can detect low copies of template

    ◮ Good versatility—compatible with most real-time quantitative PCR instruments

    foregene strength

  • QuickEasyᵀᴹ Real Time PCR Kit-Taqman

    QuickEasyᵀᴹ Real Time PCR Kit-Taqman

    The unique PCR optimization system makes 2×QuickEasyTM Real PCR Mix-Taqman more compatible.

    Hot-start Foregene HS Taq Polymerase has higher amplification efficiency, higher amplification sensitivity, and higher amplification specificity.

    2× QuickEasyTM Real PCR Mix -Taqman uses a unique system optimized by Foregene to improve the sensitivity and specificity of sequence-specific probe detection, which can be used for genotyping and copy number variation determination and obtain accurate results.

    This product comes with ROX internal reference dye, which can be used to eliminate signal background and signal error between wells, which is convenient for customers to use in different types of quantitative PCR instruments.

    foregene strength