Viral DNA RNA Isolation Kit

Viral DNA RNA Isolation Kit

Kit Description:

No RNA degradation. The whole kit is RNase-Free

Simple—all operations are completed at room temperature

Fast—operation can be completed in 20 minutes

High RNA yield: RNA-only Column and unique formula can efficiently purify RNA

Safe—no organic reagent used

Large sample processing capacity—up to 200μl samples can be processed each time.


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1000+ different lab reagents                           100+ universities partner

400+ distributors                                              2000+ SCI citations of the lab reagents

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Viral RNA Isolation Kit uses the spin column and formula developed by Foregene, which can efficiently extract high-purity and high-quality viral RNA from samples such as plasma, serum, cell-free body fluid, and cell culture supernatant. The kit specifically adds Linear Acrylamide, which can easily capture small amounts of RNA from the samples. RNA-Only Column can efficiently bind RNA. The kit can process a large number of samples at the same time.


The entire kit does not contain RNase, so the purified RNA will not be degraded. Buffer viRW1 and Buffer viRW2 can ensure that the obtained viral nucleic acid free of protein, nuclease or other impurities, which can be used directly for downstream molecular biology experiments.

Kit components

Linear Acrylamide
Buffer DRL
Buffer RW1, Buffer RW2
RNase-Free ddH2O
DNA/RNA Column


■ Simple and time-saving.
■ Efficient and safe.
■ RNase-free, no RNA degradation.
■ High RNA yield and purification.

How to use

viral DNA and RNA isolation kit-SIMPLE WORKFLOW


viral DNA RNA


12 months at room temperature (15℃~25℃) and in dry environment; further storage (24 months), please place it in 2℃~8℃ environment.

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