Animal Total RNA Isolation Kit

Animal Total RNA Isolation Kit

Kit Description:

The kit uses the spin column and formula developed by Foregene, which can efficiently extract high-purity and high-quality total RNA from various animal tissues. It provides the DNA-Cleaning column that can easily remove genomic DNA from the supernatant and tissue lysate. RNA-only column can effectively bind RNA. The kit can process a large number of samples at the same time.

The entire system does not contain RNase, so the purified RNA will not be degraded. Buffer RW1 and Buffer RW2 can ensure that the RNA obtained is not contaminated by protein, DNA, ions, and organic compounds.

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Kit components

Buffer RL1 , Buffer RL2

Buffer RW1, Buffer RW2

RNase-Free ddH2O, DNA-Cleaning Column

RNA-Only Column


■ No need to worry about RNA degradation; the whole system is RNase-Free
■ Effectively remove DNA-using DNA-Cleaning Column
■ Remove DNA without adding DNase
■ Simple-all operations are completed at room temperature
■ Fast -operation can be completed in 30 minutes
■ Safe-no organic reagent required
■ High purity -OD260/280≈1.8-2.1

Kit application

It is suitable for the extraction and purification of total RNA from a variety of fresh or frozen animal tissues or cultured cells.

Product parameters

■ Downstream applications: first-strand cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, molecular cloning, Northern Blot, etc.
■ Samples: animal tissues, cultured cells
■ Dosage: Tissues 10-20mg, Cells(2-5)×106
■ Maximum DNA binding capacity of purification column: 80 μg
■ Elution volume: 50-200 μl

Work flow

animal total RNA-simple workflow


3 Animal Total RNA Isolation Kit7

Animal Total RNA Isolation Kit treated 20mg
Fresh mouse samples, take 5% purified total RNA 1% agar

Glycogel electrophoresis
1: Spleen 2: Kidney
3: Liver 4: Heart

Storage and shelf life

The kit can be stored for 24 months at room temperature (15–25 ℃) or 2–8 ℃ for longer time. Buffer RL1 can be stored at 4 ℃ for 1 month after adding β- mercaptoethanol (optional).

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